Frontiers in Zoology is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal publishing high quality research articles and reviews on all aspects of animal life.


  • Jürgen Heinze, University of Regensburg
  • Ulrich Technau, University of Vienna

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Frontiers in Zoology is supported by the Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft.


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DZG Society information

logo The German Zoological Society (Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft e.V., DZG) was founded in 1890 in Frankfurt/Main and is one of the oldest zoological societies worldwide.

The DZG represents the zoological sciences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The society promotes zoology as a modern, multi-disciplinary and integrative biological science and facilitates the exchange of recent scientific findings. The society aims to preserve and spread existing knowledge, to encourage excellent fundamental research and teaching, independent of political and economic ties. The society's international journal Frontiers in Zoology disseminates scientific research papers and commentaries in all zoological disciplines. The DZG is a non-profit organization.

Peerage of Science


Frontiers in Zoology supports Peerage of Science, a new initiative to provide more recognition for reviewers and to expedite the reviewing process through shared and fair reports. Frontiers in Zoology welcomes manuscripts that have been reviewed through Peerage of Science and please do indicate on your cover letter if your manuscript has already been reviewed here.

Editors' profiles

Jürgen Heinze, Editor-in-Chief

Jürgen Heinze

Jürgen Heinze is currently Professor of Zoology at University of Regensburg.

"Zoology is an active and colorful biological discipline with a long history and a promising future. The development of new theories and methodology makes this a particularly exciting time for researchers interested in aspects of animal life.

Ulrich Technau, Editor-in-Chief

Ulrich Technau

Ulrich Technau is Professor of developmental biology at the University of Vienna

"Zoology is addressing some of the most fundamental questions in Biology. It continues to deliver novel insights into the fascinating diversity and biology of animals by taking advantage of a combination of classical concepts and modern methods."

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